Colours in focus mode


Throughout the courses we learn how to create visually stunning reports and dashboards, often built to match a companies branding, but when these are used in anger I often want to be able to focus in on a particular visual and show that in full screen mode during presentations.

However, as I am working in grids and have applied a background to a number of visualisations at once (using a shape) rather than individually, the white fonts that stand out on my reports are now completely useless and vanish as no background colour is shown. Is there a way to show a background colour whilst in focus mode, and if not, how are you guys getting around this as surely this is a pretty basic requirement?

The same principle and problem applies to dashboards as well - does it not?



Hi Dave, yes very good point.

I created a video to explain just this -

Also check out what I have done with this model here with the visualizations…it’s about finding a colours that also work with what you have as a background.



Thanks, that works great for focus mode… but what about dashboards, is there a way to do anything similar here at all?



Yes dashboards currently is a bit of a problem.

The way I look at developing my reports when looking to really create compelling visual, is to design them in way that they are really a dashboard and you shouldn’t really need to use the dashboard feature in the online service.

I wish they would fix this soon.

I guess it’s just a design decision that has to be made.

I actually use the dashboard feature sparely, as I think that all you need is a report that looks like one and it’s more effective. I view the dashboard feature as a navigation tool mostly, where you can consolidate a few individual elements of different reports and then dynamically link to them from the one place.