Colour Palette Creation

Hi All:

One of the areas exposed by my eDNA challenge submissions is my difficulty choosing a good colour palette. I’ve used many tools, but it’s still a bit of a hit-and-miss endeavour for me (especially on the latest challenge). I happened upon a link included in today’s GIAC roundup about a post by Datawrapper entitled How to pick more beautiful colors for your data visualizations: Common color mistakes and how to avoid them. I found it a good read and thought I’d share.

Also, in this post I found a useful link to a site where you can visualize an entire palette based on a starting HEX code, and again thought I’d share.

Happy palette creation.


Second post to enable marking thread as solved.

@Greg, also has a great color palette theme creator. I especially like it because it automatically generates a json file for you. I should have a video out soon on how I choose my color palette for each of my reports.