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Collecting Data from SharePoint Subsites


we have a SharePoint List, which acts as an overview for approx. 1000 projects.
Each project has it´s own SharePoint site. On each project sub-site there are several lists with e.g.

  • financial details
  • time details
  • administration details
  • etc.

Now I want to establish a query, which

  • steps through the overview list,
  • reads the given URL to the SharePoint subsite of each project,
  • open e.g. the financial details list in this project´s subsite
  • reads the desired columns
  • and repeats the previous steps for each project
    until all financial details of each project are collected

Below I have added 2 snapshots which should help to illustrate the scenario.

If anybody has an idea if and how this can be accomplished, that would be a great step forward in dealing with SharePoint data.

Thanks in advance for your contributions and

Best regards

Frank Radewagen

This is the SharePoint Overview List


and this are the Financials read from the Financial List in each projects subsite.


I certainly wish I could assist here, but I’ve never completed anything like this, so not sure at the moment.

Have you had any progress on it based on any material already out there?

Have you made a start atleast or are you still not sure even where to begin.

Will do what I can here, but personally I haven’t dealt with sharepoint often in any projects.


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