Hi Sam,

My compliments to you for your learning summit, it was another learning experience.

I saw your 2 videos about the Cohort Analysis and I have a question, in your videos you are working with days between the periods. I want to work with static months.

I have the following report in Power BI:

and in Excel I have the report below:

How can I build the Excel-report in Power BI?
What do I have to do to have a supporting table, not in days but in “static” Join Month Cohorts?

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Additional information:

In your Cohort-video you are using:

I want to use:


I think the simple answer is you need some numbers so that you can iterate logic through a formula.

All you would have to do is add numbers to additional column of your table and then you can use a similar technique to what was covered in the learning summit session.

Thanks Sam, you’ve pushed me in the right direction! :slight_smile: