Cohort modelling in DAX

Hi All
I have been using Sam’s course on Time-Based Cohort Analysis to create a dashboards.
I seem to be stuck on the DEMO tab of the course ie the 48.52 minutes

I have created 3 measures - Churned Customers, Churning % and Unique customers

However when I move these 3 new measures created to the Matrix dashboard, I can only view 1 line and not all lines. This is the line that relates to Month&Year.

I have the following information in the Rows, Columns & Values of the Matrix
Rows = Cohort MonthYear
Columns = Periods
Values = Churned Customers

Please can you tell me why I am not able to view all the data in the Matrix ( its saved in Demo1) of the file. Hoping my explanation is clear.

Please find attached PBIX file.Customer Cohort Analysis.pbix (215.0 KB)

Many thanks


You are SO close. Instead of Cohort MonthYear on rows, drop MonthYear from the Date table:


(And be sure to sort that field by MonthnYear),

– Brian

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Many thanks @BrianJ for your help. It works now :smiley: :smiley: