Clustered Bar Chart with additional Δ Percentage


How can I add the percentage of the difference to a Clustered Bar Chart?

Could it be done with a Clustered Column Chart or a Combo Chart?

If it can not be done with the standard visuals, are there any (free) custom visuals with this functionality?


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HI @Matthias - Can’t we use a Combo chart like Line and Clustered Column chart. Show absolute values on Bars and % value on line chart.

Ankit J

Thanks @ankit!
I mentioned Combo Chart and I did try already Line and Clustered Column chart:
In Excel I can bring in the percentages relatively freely to the intended postion (data label can be independent from the value fo the line hight), but I don’t know how to achieve that in Power BI.

My current solution is a separate visual below which I use for the percentages. With a fixed number of items it would be easy to align the visuals perfectly, but for changing number of items it’s not ideal.


Hi @Matthias - Yes agreed. Unfortunately don’t have another solution for now. Will let you know if found something.

Ankit J

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Here is a description of how to implement a workaround:
-bring a separate chart with the percentages below the column chart.

-turn off in the below visual Title, X-axis and Y-axis, turn on Data labels
-turn off in the below visual under Advanced options “Responsive”
=> that will allow you to reduce the hight of the visual so that it is very slim (s. picture above)

If you have a fixed number of items it is very easy to align the two visuals perfectly.

If you have a changing number of items the alignment is can not be done perfectly (s. picture above), but in most cases it will be good enough.