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Clicking on tiles in APP is redirecting users to workspace (by default)


At the moment: when I pin a tile from a report into a dashboard, and then I publish that dashboard as part of an app. When my user CLICKS a tile in the dashboard, he is automatically taken to the exact page in the report within the WORKSPACE.

What I want: When he clicks the tile, I want him to be taken to the exact page of the report within the APP. I don’t want him to be taken to the workspace.

Is there anyway to do this? (other than a custom link) ?


You can set custom link to tile.

Click on Edit details, Check set custom link and External Link
URL - APP Link

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Hi Rajesh, thank you very much for that. Just a quick question though to check my understanding more than anything. If a dashboard is published in an APP, is the “default” behaviour really supposed to redirect you to the report proper every time you click a tile? Its just weird for me, I would have expected it to direct you to the APP (where free users can access the report). ?


Select (click) a tile

When you select a tile, what happens next depends on how the tile was created and if it has a custom link. If it has a custom link, selecting the tile takes you to that link. Otherwise, selecting the tile takes you to the report,


Thank you!