Clearing Parameters set in Power Query

I’m working my way through the tutorial on Data Transformations & Modeling. In a prior video while working in the Power Query Editor we set up parameters that filtered the data by currency, channels and years. Subsequently, the data is always filtered by these parameters even when they are blank. 2 questions: 1. Is this really a good practice? I can understand using it temporarily to look at a subset of a large dataset. 2. How do you modify the parameters in such a way that they include all transactions?
It seems like in order to continue with the tutorial and see the same results that Sam sees I need to delete the parameters.

Parameters are hard to interact with for ‘users’. If you are working in the file in Power BI Desktop you can change the Parameter by going to the Home tab, Edit Queries and select Edit Parameters.

From within the Power BI Service, the only way to change a Parameter is by going to that reports Workspace, Dataset (select the elipsis …), choose Schedule Refresh and there you’ll find Parameters.
I believe your Parameter must be either type Text or Decimal to be able to be changed, not very user friendly.

Usually slimming down the amount of columns is a good idea, getting rid of redundant information or data columns which don’t add much value to the analysis being completed in Power BI. The next step, if possible is to reduce the amount of rows and/or columns using SQL for example when working with very large database tables.

The other option you have is working with direct query, but this presents other restrictions.

Or maybe if it’s user specific Row Level Security?

Quick and dirty solution, just remove the filter step from the Applied Steps pane.
It will depend on your filter and what possible values there are but I wouldn’t go down that road…

Do you have a clear usecase in mind or is this just intended as an inquery into available options?

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I think this clears up the issue for me. I have no use-case - it is part of the EnterpriseDNA tutorial. From what you have said the parameters are most useful in the exploratory phase of the process, and are too hard to change subsequently. In subsequent videos in the tutorial the complete data set is displayed, and this wasn’t happening for me. My conclusion is that I should delete the parameters to continue with the tutorial. @EnterpriseDNA this might be a good thing to point out in the Data Transformations & Modeling tutorial.

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