Changing default file name in exporting to excel from Power BI


Hello Sam:
Good morning and hoping you can help me.

Exporting to excel from Power BI:

  • Currently Power BI provides a default file name as "data.csv’ when using Export to Excel.
  • Is there any way to override the file name and substitute it with a value of measure ?
    Use case:
  • Have a measure in the application which has concatenated values of selected Product, Location and Time. An example of such measure value would be: “Product63-FL-2018Q2”

Can the default file name be changed to “Product63-FL-2018Q2”.csv instead of “data.csv” ?
Thanking you in advance.
Best regards…Adi


Really interesting question and honestly not sure. Have you been testing any ways to do this?

Sorry don’t have a huge amount I can add on this one as haven’t looked at this at all.


Hello Sam:
Thanks for your response.
I have the measure already working but have absolutely no idea as to how to get this as a default value from Power BI.
Not sure if there is an “undocumented” setting somewhere.
Maybe someone on the forum may have an answer.
Thanks and best regards…Adi