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Change Date format on pubished dataset/on visual level?

As a consumer of a published dataset I want to change the date format of a field on my report page. Since it is a published dataset I cannot just use Power BI Dektop to change the date format in the data model. Is there a way to do this on the report page or on visual level in the report editor web app? The format defined in the dataset is with weekday, but i want to show short format on my report page in a Table or Matrix visual.

Hi @Martin. AFAIK you can’t change a published dataset, but you should be able to create a report-level measure that just repeats the column of interest, then you can format the new measure as you like and use it in place of the column.

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Thank you @Greg, I thought it would be like that. For number fields some visuals have format settings, but for date types I didn’t see it either.