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Change column order of a matrix

Hello all,

I have a very simple matrix with one row, one column and two measures.
What I want is shown in the image.
I appreciate the help you can give me.
Thank you

Hi @JoaoMonteiro,

AFAIK you can only achieve that if you create separate measures, so External Qty, External Amount and so on, with a limited number of dimension values it’s doable (although not desirable).
Maybe Calculation Groups will allow this - I don’t know @MudassirAli your 2 cents, please…

Hi @Melissa,
I’ve also thought about the possibility of implementing calculation groups but I couldn’t get results.
I also thought of creating a calculated table with the sole purpose of feeding this matrix.

@JoaoMonteiro ,

Don’t know if solving this with custom visuals is helpful to you or not, but just FYI - in Zebra BI tables you can reorder matrix columns just by dragging and dropping. I used the Zebra BI Tables and Zebra BI Charts visuals extensively in my Data Challenge 16 entry and think they’re awesome.

  • Brian
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Hi @BrianJ

I’m using PBI Report Server and I’m only allow to use customer visuals.
But thanks for your heads up.


@JoaoMonteiro ,

Yeah, I figured that might be the case. I would guess that a majority of workplaces don’t allow custom visuals, but it would be interesting to find out.

  • Brian

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