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Certificates of completion not received by the system

Hi there,

I have completed these courses and i haven’t received certificates of completion for the following:
Mastering Report Development Start to Finish
Power Query/M Masterclass #1

Can you please look into this for me?

Thanks Keith

Hi @Keith,

Just looping in the @EnterpriseDNA Team.
So they can look into this for you.

Thanks @Melissa :slight_smile:

Hi @Keith , someone will be in touch with you shortly for the Certificates. :slight_smile:
Thanks @Melissa for the heads up.

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Hello @EnterpriseDNA

I still haven’t received an update concerning the certification. Can i please get an update?


Status on this please?


@Keith ,

I’ve elevated this question. You should have a status update back soon.

  • Brian

attn: @EnterpriseDNA

Hi Keith,

Sorry for the delay in our response.

Please find all your certifications for download (link removed)

Enterprise DNA Team

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thanks…I have downloaded what i needed

@EnterpriseDNA can you please eliminate the link so others can’t go to it?


link removed :slight_smile:

thanks @Heather