Centered Moving Average dax

Dear forum,
I have a good measure for moving average that works fine (pasted below) but I am stuck trying to iterate it to a centered moving average. For example, I would like to calculate the MA for previous 2 periods, current period, and next 2 periods to get a centered moving average but I’m stuck with not being clever enough to come up with the proper dax. Anyone have suggestions?

Moving Average Sales = 
IF( ISBLANK( [Sales] ),
        LASTDATE( Dates[Date] ),
        -3, MONTH ),
    [Sales] ) 

Thanks for your help!

Hi Brandon. I don’t have a dataset handy to verify, but perhaps you could use the pattern you already have and adjust the date period, e.g.,

Sales Centered 5M MA = 
// average from 2 months before to 2 months after
// adjust as desired to get the periods of interest
		DATESINPERIOD( Dates[Date], 
            // start date is 2 months before current date
            DATEADD( LASTDATE( Dates[Date] ), -2, MONTH ), 
            // 4 month after start date
            4, MONTH ),
        [Total Sales] )

Does this look OK?


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