Categorize Price range

Hi all,
Need your assistance if possible for DAX to create categories off the price range:

for example:
Category 1: $0 - $100
Category 2: $101-$200
Category 3: $201-$300
Category 4: $301-$400
Category 5: $401-$500
Category 6: $501-$600

Attached sample data for reference.
Thanks in advance!

HidayatBook1.xlsx (12.7 KB)

Plenty of content showing you exactly how to do this.


Another one

And another

This should get you sorted I think.


Thanks Sam!
Will use the supporting table method. :+1:t3:
Looks the best way without adding too much memory to the fact table.

@Yatz86 Regarding the size of the column, it would be really small as there will be only 6 unique values. So it will have very minimal impact on the data stored in memory.

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Yea @AntrikshSharma the easiest way was creating a calculated column, but the fact table size would grow.

No, even if you had 10 Billion rows the size wouldn’t increase much as the dictionary size of 6 words is too small, you can try to create a column in the fact table and measure the size of the column with DAX Studio and the result would be surprising. Do try it.