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Card to display name chosen

I have a card on my drill through page that will display the name of the department, based on RLS. On the none drill through tabs, that are used to do the drill through, I have the same card.

My issue is one department includes two departments. So, on the none drillthrough page, I replaced the card with a text box called Finance(easy fix). Because when I choose the two finance departments, the card would display “Multiple”. How can I fix the drill through page card? I can’t put a textbox there because I need all the other single departments to show. When Finance goes there, it now say “Multiple”
Any advice?

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Hi Usates,

An example file would really help to get a reply on this topic.


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I actually just found an answer while trying to create a sample. My model was using a measure to display the name of the department, but just putting in the department name in the field and selecting “First”, it did not show multiple and just showed what I needed. Sorry for any time taken for this.