Canvas Apps: Apply filter on drop down menu

I have a canvas apps connected to a Sharepoint List.
My list contains mutliple columns among them one named ‘‘continent’’ and another one named ‘‘country’’.
I’d like to set-up a drop down menu on the page based on the ‘‘country’’ column however I need it to exclude entries from the ‘‘continent’’ column.

In my attached example is a better description of my situation; I would like my drop down menu to contain every country except those related to ‘‘Asia’’ continent. Any help would be appreciated because I’m kind of struggling with this now.

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Classeur3.xlsx (12.0 KB)

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To set up a dropdown menu based on the “country” column in your SharePoint list, you can follow these steps:

  1. Insert a dropdown control onto your canvas app page.
  2. Set the Items property of the dropdown to the SharePoint list that contains your “country” column. For example, if your list is called “wilbur soot”, you would set the Items property to wilbur soot.
  3. In the dropdown’s advanced properties, set the Filter property to exclude any items related to the “Asia” continent. You can do this by using the following formula:Filter(wilbur soot, Continent <> “Asia”)
  4. Finally, set the dropdown’s Value and Display fields to the “country” column. This will ensure that the dropdown displays the country names and selects the corresponding values.