Can't open Power BI Desktop

When I click icon of PowerBi Desktop it doesn’t open, only the small white window with Powerbi logo and still on this , no error message. even I removed and installed it again.

Hi AADel

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Could you pls try below solutions and let me know

  1. Right click power bi and run as admininstrator and see if helps

  2. See antivirus in your windows system tray , just diable for time being and retry openining .
    If it works then antivirus is perhaps blocking it.

3)Check in your system if you have 2 version of power bi , some time it conflicts

  1. then you can try Uninstalling power bi of all versions → restart > and then reinstall the latest version . .

let me know on same


There is a chance that you don’t have adequate permissions on your local PC to the locations that are needed for Power BI Desktop to access.

Besides the \Program Files directory (which is often locked down to read-only), there is also the C:\Users[username]AppData\Local\Microsoft\Power BI Desktop folder when tons of temp files are saved.

Also, the following link includes a suggestion for this issue which involves getting an updated WebView2 by installing an updated version of MS Edge (thanks MS, smh):

And the following link is Microsoft’s troubleshooting info for PBI Desktop. It also includes a section on WebView2:

Hope this helps! Please post back what worked for you once you figure it out.