Can't Connect to SharePoint Anymore

I am seeking help about an issue with a PBI report that uses my company’s SharePoint site as a data source. Before I describe the issue, it is important to note that this report was working flawlessly a week ago. The issue is that, when I go to refresh the report now, it asks for me to enter credentials and then will not advance past the pop up screen. The popup screen remains blank. This happens after I click “sign in” and go through multi factor authentication as well. Also, doesn’t make much sense to me why it wants me to log in when I am already logged in through PowerBI on desktop app as well.

I have also tried creating a brand new report and connecting to the SharePoint source with a new report file and it does the same thing. I also cannot refresh the dataset from PBI cloud service either, it pops up with the same blank window and spinning wheel after it wants me to sign in. I have no problems accessing the SharePoint directly and I am the admin of the SharePoint. I also tried another 0365 type data source such as dataverse and it does the same thing.

The pop up is on the left side of the picture and on the right you can see the “spinning wheel of death”. Has anyone else ran into this issue or have do you have an idea on what may be causing this?

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Hi @Austinjdonahue,

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Only two things I can think of in connection to this type of problem.

  1. Have you already tried resetting permissions to sharepoint?
    You can find that under Edit Queries>> Data source setting>>Global Permissions>> find the sharepoint source >> Clear Permissions.
  2. Have you switched Desktop versions?
    If not, update to the most recent version. If so, downgrade to the previous version.

I hope this is helpful


Melissa, thank you so much for your help. When I went back and used October 2021 version of PowerBI desktop it actually did work. But I cannot get it to work with any of the new PowerBI desktop (March 2022 and April 2022). The weird thing is, this report was just working with March 2022 version a week ago and was built in that version. Very strange…

@Austinjdonahue Use connect to web feature for SharePoint files.

@AntrikshSharma Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately whether I use the web connector or the SharePoint connector for my SharePoint source, I get the same result of it being stuck with blank pop up window and spinning wheel of death. For the web connector, it wants to use organizational account in which case I use my O365 credentials and in the case of SharePoint connector, it wants to use Microsoft account in which case I also use my 0365 credentials.

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Just leaving this here for future reference.
Demonstrates how to connect to OneDrive / Sharepoint in Excel but that is similar to Power BI

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