Cannot create a Power Apps topic

Hi! I’m trying to add a question about PowerApps in the forum. However, although I can see there is a Power Apps category in the forums, I cannot choose PowerApps as a category when creating a new topic. Am I doing something wrong?


Hi @nick-bos

I have no problem posting to power Apps forum

First, I selected the power Apps folder then click on New topic

then enter the title and type the body of the problem.
then click on Create Topic

I hope this helps.

Hi! For me that looks like this:

I’m not sure then @EnterpriseDNA will have to look into it


Hi @nick-bos,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

We have adjusted the permission settings for your Forum access. We hope this resolves the issue. Additionally, please clear your cache or use a new incognito window before logging into the forum for a fresh start.

Kind regards,

Enterprise DNA Support Team