Can you Create a Customer Attrition Table?


I have been checking your videos on the advanced analytics side for Customer Attri.
Not sure about everyone else or if it is just me (maybe me) i feel this is so overly complex!!

So i understand how to do this i.e setup, and the set DAX functions to be used.
But I am trying to understand what is going on specifically on dates. Just a suggestion as im sure it would be really beneficial cant you just break this Customer Attri into an actually table.


1.Actually create a customer attri table with all dates.
2.Then create the DAX logic on the customer attri table made.

Much more linear way…



I’m not sure of your exact question, but the reality with customer attrition analysis is that there is a little bit to it.

You have to remember how powerful this analysis actually is. To think you can write a formula that’s pretty small overall and get such great insights is amazing to me.

I highly recommend going through this workshop in detail. I cover everything very slowly and it should make more sense.

Sure well thanks for sharing this insight.
I’m just finding this a litle more difficult trying to get my head arond.

Having said I that I really like this video more. As you show the full dates here in a table, and then you run your DAX Logic.