Can we have databar in matrix last column total

Hi all,

Is there a way to have databar in last column total of a matrix ? Also, can we move that total per row to the first column instead the last ?

We can have databar by using conditional formatting > databar, but what I need is just the total, no need the value at the center of the matrix.


I’m not sure you can do this at the moment for databases in the totals. Maybe what you could do though is create a table right next to you matrix with just the overall total, then you could play around with the image and make it look like it works with the matrix.

This can be easily done and would look fine in my view.

Also around moving the totals from the bottom to the top and also don’t think this is possible at the moment. Power BI team have been making a lot of updates recently so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is possible soon.


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Hi Sam,

Would really love to see if your have a similar video regarding this.