Call out for some accounting demo data sets


I’m looking to run some virtual events and create some videos around accounting examples in Power BI. These will be for members only.

If anyone has some demo data sets they are willing to share that would be great.

I’m looking to complete something comprehensive here around various different accounting type work, for example B/S, PnL, Recievable, Payables etc. So any other suggestions I’m happy to hear them.



Please and thank you (in advance)! I would dearly appreciate this; there’s very little quality material out there on using BI tools for actual accounting work.


The Xero Demo Company carries a live bank feed, AR, AP, B/S, P&L. Let me know if you need some help getting it setup Sam.


Ok thanks I’ll look into this one. I think this was the one you were already using I presume.


Will target this for next month as the first members only training event that I plan to do.

Have a learning summit coming up this month so will focus on that and then jump to this after.

Might get some feedback before I run it.


No problem Sam.

Yes, the PBIX I shared was of the Xero Demo Company. Although it did not have banking or balance sheet tables shown.

As an aside, it would be great to get a daily or weekly email update of active posts in this forum.

I’m not being told of active discussions. The only way to know is by visiting the website directly, which I find myself not doing.


Ok sure let me look into this. Chrs


Was this Xero accounting demo done?
Where is this video to watch?

Do you pull the data from their API?


No this hasn’t been done specifically with Xero data, but I have run some financial statements workshops. These can be found in the portal.

Due to the complexities of download Xero data (they make it very difficult) I plan to mostly stick to the techniques more so than specifically using Xero data for reporting.