Calculation not correct when using a visual filter


Probably something pretty easy but I cannot really figure out what to use and if it is possible.
I have a visual which shows my ordertotal/sales/targets.

That works nicely but I added a visual filter to the graph to only show business days.
I realized that some orders are raised on holidays and saw a mismatch between my numbers.


My measure is as following:

RunningTotalOrders = IF(LASTDATE(zz_Dim_Date[Calendar_Date]) > TODAY(), BLANK(),CALCULATE(sum(OrdersRaised[OrderTotal]),FILTER(ALLSELECTED(zz_Dim_Date),zz_Dim_Date[Calendar_Date] <= MAX(zz_Dim_Date[Calendar_Date]))))

It must be something with the ALLSELECTED() but not sure if I can just eliminate that one visual filter from my calculation so that it shows the right final value even though I only “show visually” the business days.

I would like that I have something link ALLSLICERSBUTNOTVISUALFILTERS() as function if you know what I mean. Would there be a workaround for this scenario?

Thanks a lot


Just want to confirm here as maybe I getting a little confused.

There will always be a mismatch if you place a visual filter on the chart, versus the card which isn’t being filtered.

Are you saying you don’t want the mismatch to occur?

I’ve gone a mocked it up and it seem to work like you asking for with the ALLSLICERSBUT… logic you describe

Measure looks fine to me.

If you want to ignore filters then we will be working with the ALL statement in some ways.

Can you just let me know again what you need. I just want to confirm which formula we need to get to remove filters?



Hi Sam,

Thats exactly the problem now. So there is that mismatch which I do not want as from
a visualisation point of view, I would like to have the targets (red line) which I have set only on
working days to be as smooth as possible, thats why I eliminate the non-business days from the visual.

The sales and order values should only listen to the slicer, not the visual filter.
I could not get it working with ALLEXCEPT() as this seems to give different results.

Thanks for reproducing the issue!




I tried using the ALLEXCEPT()

RunningTotalOrders = IF(LASTDATE(zz_Dim_Date[Calendar_Date]) > TODAY(), BLANK(),CALCULATE(sum(OrdersRaised[OrderTotal]),ALLEXCEPT(zz_Dim_Date,zz_Dim_Date[Calendar_Year],zz_Dim_Date[Month_Name])))

Then it gives me the correct “value” but it does not work as a running total anymore as I cannot use the extra filter parameter anymore.

zz_Dim_Date[Calendar_Date] <= MAX(zz_Dim_Date[Calendar_Date])


Ok I think I have it now.

What I’m going to recommend though is that you don’t use the visual level filter here.

You should create a measure that returns what you need instead. So your targets measure should be written differently to your other measures to take the weekday/weekends logic into account.

This formula should give you the pattern you need

Cumulative Sales Weekday = 
CALCULATE( [Total Sales],
	FILTER( FILTER( ALLSELECTED( Dates ), Dates[Working Days] = "Weekday" ),
		Dates[Date] <= MAX( Dates[Date] ) ) )


HI Sam,

Thanks for your guidance here. I am still learning.
Looking at your formula, this does not give the right value as what I likely
want to achieve is just a correct value for the total orders, even though I filter the
graph visually using the business days, this to leave out dates with weekends etc.

So the last formula calculates the sales value, only on weekdays, but I actually just
want to have the full sales values but have the graph filtered on business days.

So was wondering, as I just cannot really see a way at the moment, if i should somehow create a second table which I use to filter the graph and not use the date table which I use for the calculations? as the visual
filter in this case influences the calculations.

Not sure if I just want to much but just trying to understand what is possible! and was a bit “shocked” seeing that the values were not correct which made me realize that I have to be carefull just easily using filters!

Thanks a lot for the great content and replies!


Yes definitely need to be careful with these formula. They are great when used well BUT you have to be careful, because your consumers on the online service will likely not know what is filtered.

So you need to be very clear what you are doing with this filters

I do want to show you something interesting though

You’ll see here, that one is calculated in the DAX formula and the other is being filtered by the visual level filter.

You see though they have the same values.

I would always recommend completing the calculation in the formula though with a correct measure name, so it’s obvious what values your are calculating and showing

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