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I have calculation groups working but have a question on how to use them. Below is a simple example of a matrix with two values - Current month and Month in previous year. But how can one select only one of these? One can have a slicer to choose Current or Previous, but these work across the whole page. If one wants 2 separate visuals, one with Current and one with Previous on the same page, how can this be achieved?

I can think that one can set up a separate measure for each visual which filters for the needed measure, but this rather cancels the benefit of not having multiple measures…

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use the columns from CG in a slicer.

Hi, thanks for the very fast reply, the issue with a slicer is that it affects all the visuals. I just found the Filters pane though has per visual filtering.

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Hi @Nickj

I think you are right, you cannot have 2 visuals on the same page being filtered by the calculation group column simultaneously. Doing this will make one visual blank i guess ( This is what is anticipate,still need to check). For now i think this can be achieved by using 2 different measure for 2 different visual or having a conditional measure with one visual.

Lemme know if you get this scenario working only by using calculation group column.


FYI, In my earlier screenshot I did not have the filter correct for the ‘Prev only’ column.

So there is a way to restrict the Calc items in a visual - but as far as I can see only if this is a matrix. For example, it does not work in a line chart - the value box will not accept the Calculation name.

I am guessing that there are more features to come to support Calc Groups


See if this article and the first comment at the bottom helps:

As Marco Russo says - it needs to be improved!

From the Format menu on your report page, select Edit Interactions at the far left. You can then select a slicer and disconnect it from any visual(s) on the page you don’t want to be filtered by it.

@pduffer Thank you, I was not aware of that feature.


There are times you may need to create separate measures. Below is a splendid example of when you would need to - along with how to make a measure from an existing calculation group.

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