Calculating values for periods based on attributes of a date dimension

Hi guys, I know this is probably very simple but I just can’t get it working, here is the situation:

My fact table data is at the grain of Date > Store > Department. Each fact table row has a DateID which keys to the date dimension dimension_Date. The sale amount in this case is called “Actual”.

Dimension_Date has attributes for FiscalWeek, DayOfWeek, LastYearDateID. (Amongst many others).

I am wanting to calculate the value for “same day last week” and “same day last year”. It should be easy as these attributes are already on the date table! (I would have thought).

Here is what I have tried:

Actual LW = 
VAR CurrentWeek = SELECTEDVALUE(Dimension_Date[FiscalWeek])
VAR CurrentDay = SELECTEDVALUE(Dimension_Date[DayOfWeek])

            Dimension_Date[DayOfWeek] = CurrentDay &&
            Dimension_Date[FiscalWeek] = CurrentWeek - 1))

This just returns all blanks though!

Any help gratefully received.


@Jamie It appears that SELECTEDVALUE may not be returning anything at all as the evaluation context where it is evaluated must have multiple values for the referenced column, and in case of multiple values SELECTEDVALUE doesn’t return anything.

Do one thing, after first argument in SELECTEDVALUE enter a day and week number and then check if it returns anything.

Question: Are you using the measure in a card visual?

Hi and thanks so much for your answer. No, I am using the measure in a table. I need the “Actual” value for today and a column for the Actual value for one week ago. I have realised it should be even simpler than I thought. Every row in the fact table has a DateID and it also has LastWeekDateID.

@Jamie Oh, in that case try this:

Actual LW =
VAR CurrentWeek =
    RELATED ( Dimension_Date[FiscalWeek] )
VAR CurrentDay =
    RELATED ( Dimension_Date[DayOfWeek] )
        Dimension_Date[DayOfWeek] = CurrentDay,
        Dimension_Date[FiscalWeek] = CurrentWeek - 1,
        REMOVEFILTERS ( FactTable )

Hi - I have an error:

The column ‘Dimension_Date[FiscalWeek]’ either doesn’t exist or doesn’t have a relationship to any table available in the current context.

I mean it definitely exists… the two tables are related on DateID.

(And thank you so much for your help so far!)


@Jamie Is there an active relationship between Dates and Fact Table? Can you please show the diagram view of the model.

No idea, what is happening here, is it possible for you to attach the file?

Could try changing the Cross filter direction to Single. Rarely use “Both”.


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