Calculating Total based on days in a month

Hi, so I have a fixed number 96 (its a column on a table, same number in all the rows). I want to be able to calculate a Total based on the number of days in a month. so April would be 30 x 96, January will be 31 x 96.

Please how best do I go about this.

  • Please let me know if you need more detail about my model or data.

Thank you

Hi @Ikay,

I’m assuming this table also has a [Date] Column

DaysInMonth = DAY(EOMONTH( YourTable[Date], 0 ))

I hope this is helpful.

wow!!.. Thank you so much Melissa,

when I tried it out, Intellisense doesn’t bring up my date column in the table or my date table


Thank you

my table:

Got it now. Thank you Melissa the Day DAX calculation. I used a calculated column

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