Calculating Median vs alternate percentile ranks


A video was just posted on YouTube that shows how to incorporate a virtual table with the median function. Is it possible to do the same thing but calculating another percentile rank? I need to compare current P50 vs advancing quartile and have been unable to accomplish this with a measure because the percentile function requires a column.

Also another question I have, are the YouTube videos different from what’s in the courses?



Yes you definitely should be able to do the percentiles using the exact same techniques.

There is a PERCENTILEX function I believe then just use similar technique with the virtual table. Give that a go.

The STRUCTURE courses are all unique and more strcutured obviously.

The MINI SERIES courses are all the the youtube clips all organised into specific modules with there associated resources for each one. You can also use the search functionality within the forum to find videos that might be targeted at what you need.


One of the best things about Enterprise is that you are always quick to respond. I am needing to filter down a dimensional table, then combine with columns in a fact table so I believe can do just that with summarize. Then I will need to aggregate the filtered rows in the dimensional table and then iterate by the fact rows using the percentile function. I am going to give this a shot tonight and will report back if I have a difficult time with the expression.


Yes sounds like you can. See how you go. Chrs