Calculating Customer Cohort Retention Rate and more


Hi Sam

I’m Interested in the fantastic Show Case (Cohort analysis Introduction), I have the following questions regarding it

How can we calculate the retention rate of the customer for a specific period e.g. (Year or Month)? Is it required in the business world?

Q-2 I need some summary spot on the Scenario event report inside the Cohort analysis what is the story talk about?

Q-3 Please refer to the Red Circle On the Bottom left of the Image Below

As I Understand the number is the total customers who joined the cohort on Jan 2014 (Clear)
But When I click on the Cohort (Feb 2014) I found 2 Numbers on the same postition (Bottom Left)
Jan 2014 = 123 (???)
Feb 2014) = 530 (Clear means the number of customers Joined the cohort)

Based On My Assumption It should be
Jan 2014 = 665 (Customers start on the Cohort)

I need to understand where the Number 123 came from?

Thank you


Please send over a copy of the PBIX to help better assist in answering your question.



It is from the same resource Inside EDNA .


Cohort analysis Introduction


Same pbix file for “Cohort analysis Introduction”


Okay, thought you had recreated yourself and ran into an issue. I will have a look at the PBIX and get back to you.


We may need Sam to get exact # here. If you take the 123 and divide by the original # of 665 you get 18.5%, and the table says 19.4% for period one. I think there could be an issue in the calculation of the measure for Retention %.



Thank you so much looking forward to hear from Sam.