Calculating Current Period Values from YTD values

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I am trying to calculate current period interest for items that have an existing balance loan balance

  • July My interest earned YTD was $2,873.60 and some loans were paid off.
  • In August, the existing loans interest earned YTD was $2,215.27.
  • If I subtract Interest earned YTD in July from Interest earned YTD in August, I get a negative ($658.33)
  • However if I subtract the same values only active loans (> $0) in August, the correct value is = 250.39

Sample Loans By Beacons.xlsx (2.8 MB) Sample Portfolio Risk Score.pbix (79.8 KB)

I’m having a look through some of your formulas here and they seem a little over complicated to me.

For example

There is no different to just having this


Also this

Is no difference to this


I would always go for the simpler option here as you just don’t know how a more unnecessary complex formula will act if branched even further.

Also there’s an over use of CALCULATE here when it’s not really doing anything.


It’s just not required in this case.

I would really have a look at reviewing the Mastering DAX course again just to review when this applies and makes a difference to your calcs.

Regarding your numbers above, I don’t see any of them aligning to what you have in your model here.

Please place more detail into the post so that it’s very clear what formula is the issue and what is the solution your looking for

Please just make it much easier to come in a look at exactly where the solution needs to be.