Calculating a future Date as a measure


I’d like to calculate a Date in the future as a measure with the result of the measure being the date itself.

Namely 1000 weeks from now

For example

Expected Date = DATEADD(TODAY(), (1000*7), DAY)

It keeps saying DATEADD Must Specify a column so I’m not sure how to create a measure to do this.

Stuck hope you can help Dave.

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dateadd would require use of a column, ideally from your date table.

Let me know if the below works for you.

Test =
FORMAT ( TODAY () + ( 1000 * 7 ), “dd/mm/yy” )

Hi @DavidNealon

There are often multiple ways to dal with an issue in Power BI. Dates are stored internally as numbers, so you can just use simple math to generate whatever you want. Here’s a measure that calculates the date 1000 weeks into the future:

Future Date = 
VAR _Today = TODAY()
VAR _Result = _Today + ( 1000 * 7 )


Hope this helps.
eDNA Forum - Future Date.pbix (15.3 KB)

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