Calculating 30% Markdown off a Price

Hi Everyone,

Is there a DAX calculation where i can decrease a value (price) by 30%. I am trying to work out the cost price of my products which is 30% less the item price?

I have tried:

Unit cost = sumx('sales', 'sales'[ItemAmount]* 0.70)

This is giving me a very strange answer.

Thanks Claire


I would recommend to use a parameter, instead of a fixed percentage or value embedded in a formula. Parameters are more dynamic and allow some techniques that you may wish to use later in other scenarios.

Go to Modeling, New Parameter, a window pops up, complete the boxes. After clicking ok you will
see a new table “Parameter”, a measure “ParameterValue” and a slicer.

DAX formula example : [sum of sales] (1-ParameterValue) will do it.

You will find several videos that Sam created on this topic, keyword Scenarios Analysis.



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Yes agree that use parameters here is a better and more dynamic way to run analysis like this.

I’ve created many videos around how to do this and also how to adjust values on a row by row basis.

To me you’re close to getting what you need with SUMX, but if you want to only shock the price you need to add the price ( x 0.7 ) multiplied by the order quantity, not just have the itemamount only.

If would also help to see the actual results you’re getting. This would assist in understanding behaviour of the measure a bit more.

Check out this video here which work through and example of how to complete this type of analysis.