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Hi Fellow Power BI Users -

I have a transaction table in which users of groups A and B send and receive different information (audio, video, text, etc.) from each other.

I am able to count the total amount of interactions sent and received by each group (A and B) but I am stucked when I try to showcase transactions per user in my charts.

For instance, user 82 sends an image to user 78 and user 78 responds sending 6 images and 2 videos (see pbix). I would like to select user 82 and see all the transactions (send and received) for this particular user.

Could you help me in order to calculate this in DAX?

Thank you very much.



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Hi Carlos,

Gave you something that is very close to what your after by creating a unique list based on your transnational table for both source and destination. In the attached if you select 82 as a origin ID you see what they’ve received from everyone else.

What I’ve done is more of a data modelling trick not a DAX fix, someone might be able to do a DAX one.

PBiX attached.

This help



When you use the date from the dates table and apply both directions on the relationship, you are close I guess.



Hi Sgtlumex and Paul,

Thanks for your answer. I’ve opened the file but I am not able to see the results:

I would like to show interactions for whatever user, let’s say 82, but without selecting all users implied in the Origin ID (i.e. just selecting 82) or in the Destination ID.

The picture above shows the correct behaviour I would like to obtain for selecting user 78 or 82.

Is there any way to create a measure that solve this issue?

Thank you very much.