Calculate first 12 months qty sold since open date of a store


I am banging my head trying to find this. Most examples I have found are from today looking back 12 months. Sam do you have a video or an example that will show how to calculate, per month, the qty sold for a store based on the opening date? I want to compare the first 12 months of each location against each other to measure how we are doing getting new stores open (we have some stores that opened 10 years ago, we want to see how they did vs hour our new stores are doing). I have a field called ‘Accounts’[OpenDate] that will be the starting date (need to pull the month out). Any help would be appreciated.


Ok yes I have worked up a solution around this scenario in the forum before

This is certainly not easy though and to solve it, there is a bit to it.

We can work on this, but need more information around you model, data, how you want to show the results etc.

All these things matter a lot when looking to solve this.

You’ll see in the forum post that it took a while to get to the end result but it’s definitely possible combining a few formula and model techniques.

We can work on something here, just send through more info.