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Calculate case base on the unit per case


I am having a challenge here to calculate the cases (based on date, month or productID), here is what I need to achieve. On the transaction table, we have ordered units for each product and we also have an attribute of Units per case for each product. The number of cases will be case numbers (total units/units per case) for each product and then sum them up.

Here is the calculation I’d like to use.

On my powerbi file, I need to have the measure for the following table.


Thanks a lot!

Number of cases shipped.pbix (27.2 KB)

Hi Mike,

I think you just need a SUMX formula if i understand the problem correctly? Please look at attached file and
Number of cases shipped v1.pbix (27.0 KB)
let me know.

@KimC Hi, Kim, thanks for your help!

I should have been more clear on what I need. The number of cases is calculated as following:
Total units ordered / units per case for each product. For example, if one order has 12 units of product A and 16 units of product B. If product A is 12 units per case and product B is 6 units per case, then the number of case for product A will be 1 and number of case for product B is 16/6 = 2.67. so for this order, the total number of case is 3.67. However, if one product could appear in multiple orders, then
the calculation should be first to calculating the number of case for each product, and then sum them up.

So I change your formula to the following
Total Cases = SUMX(‘Table’,[Total Units Ordered]/‘Table’[Unit per case]). It works for one scenario. But I am not sure if it calculated at the product level and then sum the number of case up. How I can validate it?



Hi Mike,
I have tested with 2 different formula’s and the both give the same result. Looks ok to me.
Preference is to use DIVIDE function too, I have used that in the attached file.
Another thing to be mindful of is summarisation of columns, I have set this to no summarisation.

Number of cases shipped v2.pbix (27.8 KB)

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HI, @KimC thanks, I will do more research to understand how the calculation is done behind the scene in PowerBI.

Thanks for your help!