Button click to trigger a bookmark

Hi, there, this is my first time using a button click to trigger a bookmark. For some reason, the button click event will not trigger my bookmark in Power BI Desktop during testing & configuring. However, it’s working in app.powerbi.com (cloud).

I have Power BI Desktop June 2019. also upgraded to Sep 2019 due to this issue. I am facing the same problem in both versions. I am thinking that it’s a setting that I missed for the desktop settings. But cant seem to figure it out.

Here is the preview:-
Home screen to show all visuals:

‘Hide’ to hide one of the visuals:

Attached is the pbix file.
PAS-New- AccessNumber attempt - added open orders compute.pbix (928.1 KB)


Try pressing CTRL while you click the button in the desktop.

  • Brian

lol… thanks Brian. A good tip to end the day! :slight_smile:

Hello @akiko_lim, in Power BI Desktop, you need to hold the CTRL button on your keyboard while clicking on the button you’ve created. Only in the Cloud service that you can just click on the button and it will redirect/load the relevant bookmark.
Hope this helps.

Thanks YogeshM… :slight_smile: … it was a ‘palm face’ moment for me. On the other hand, I will remember this for a long time! lol