Build a Power BI Report from 3 different reports


I have 3 different Power BI reports and each one has 3 pages with filters on it. I need to build a new Report taking only the second page from each of the 3 reports along with filters. One way is to create the new report from scratch. Is there a better way to do it . I mean just reference the second page and build a new report


No there is no way to do this really.

The issue here is the data model. It’s not transferable across different reports.

My recommendation is to consolidate. Try to get all information into the one model and one master report.

There are many ways to optimize your reports with slicers, filter and better visuals that can prevent any duplication of work like you are potentially having to complete here.

This is my best recommendation here.


There is another way, to work around this in the online service. You can use the dashboard area to create easy navigation between reports. So this is another thing to consider.