Bookmark Issue Reset Issue

Hi All,

I have a report with some slicers using field parameters. I’ve created a bookmark to reset all the slicers.

When I select the following:

Scenario 1:

And then clear the selections, all the slicers reset to default

Scenario 2:

And then clear the selections, all the slicers except the date slider does not reset to default.

Is there a way to resolve this?

Sample.pbix (86.3 KB)

Thanks in Advance

Hi @adsa,

Add another button to switch between the two. forcing the reset of the date slicer

Here’s your sample:
Sample eDNA Bookmark Issue.pbix (86.6 KB)

I hope this is helpful


Hi @Melissa ,

Thanks for the response. That works, however I can’t figure out how you how you got the different clear buttons to show/hide based on the Date select filter. Can you explain how you did this? or point me to a resource?

i.e- When Calendar is selected in the filter show 'Clear CY Button and ‘Hide Clear FY button’


Hi @adsa,

I included the “Display” for selected visuals in the Bookmark. Duplicated the Clear Button and created a new Bookmark that hides the first Clear Button and shows the second. This allows you to switch between Clear Buttons and their assigned actions.

I hope this is helpful.

@Melissa Thanks for your help!