Blank value in Date slicer

Hi All

I am new to Power BI and new to the forum, I have been following the Ultimate Beginners courses through to creation of Measures hence I am confident ( :frowning: ) that I am lacking understanding …

  1. I create a Date table (as per Sam McKay’s script), and then create a slicer on Year - the slicer shows all the years in the date table
  2. I import voyage data and link the Date table date to the Voyage/Commence Date Gmt field, 1:many
  3. Immediately the Year slicer has added a ‘Blank’ value as well as the actual years

Now I have checked that every row of the Voyage data has a valid Commence Date field.

I did this with a small manually entered test data set and all was ok, but I cannot see the difference. The effect of the blank value is then that a Matrix visual also goes wrong.

Any ideas most welcome…

With thanks
PS How to include screenshots ?

Hi @Nickj,

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Quick question.
Does your Date table cover all dates in the Voyage/Commence Date Gmt field?
Are there no null / blanks present in the Voyage/Commence Date Gmt field?
Also make sure you don’t have different DateTime values in the Voyage/Commence Date Gmt field

You can paste them in or use the upload icon on the ribbon.
BTW a small sample file is always appreciated and can help speed up finding a solution.

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The solution was that the join to the Date table was to a datetime field. Joining to a date only field resolved the issue.

Hi @Nickj,

I believe I recommend you to check that, or was that somehow unclear?