Blank Rows in Matrix visual


I have a matrix visual that I am using and when I have it at the level of having Program and activity it is showing blank rows. When I also add in the Financial Account Group and Financial Account Sub Group it is giving even more blank rows.

I have tried removing blank values from my Actual and also Budget/LY columns but then the totals do not balance. How can I remove the blank rows when you add extra fields into the Matrix?


They should automatically not show, so there’s either a setting issue on the table where it’s switched on to show blank, or there is actually some value for each column you just can’t see it.

Are there row subtotals?

Also are all of these columns from the same table? I just want to also rule out any relationship problems from the models.


Hi @sam.mckay

Thanks for the response. Would it have something to do with the fact that I am crossing two different reference tables?

I am using the Program & Activity fields from the GL Activity table and the Financial Account Group & Financial Account Sub Group from the GL Natural Account table. They are two different ways to be able to view the reports. They all link back to the natural account, which is the lowest level of the transaction.

Even if I take the Financial Account Group and Financial Account Sub Group fields out of the matrix I still have blank rows.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Hi @sam.mckay

As you mentioned it must have been something in the matrix. I opened and new file and recreated the matrix and it worked as planned. So I went back to the original file, removed the old matrix and recreated it, it now works as I expect it to. Go figure.

Thanks again for the assistance and pointers.


Yes it definitely is due to filters coming from different lookup tables as you suggested.

Because they can’t filter each other due to the relationships you will always get every combination when you place them in one table.

Glad you’ve got a fix though