BI in enterprise software vs PowerBI

Hi All

Thought I’d throw this question out there.
We’ve adapted Power BI across our business. Our Finance system has it’s own inbuilt BI analytics which we may upgrade to. We have the ability to report off this data in Power BI (nightly ETL CSV) and have prototyped some reports.
Has anyone else any experiences with using ERP inbuilt analytics?

Thanks in advance

If I was running this I would move everything to Power BI.

First it is just a better tool than anything else that exist. Far far superior to anything else I’ve seen especially in the ERP space.

Also, think about the scale you acheive by placing everything into Power BI from a consumption perspective. Everything can be in the one system and easily accessed by anyone in your organisation via the Power BI online service.

Doing everything centrally through Power BI just brings such greater scale to an organisations analytical work than anything that has gone before in my view.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas.

It does Sam thank you. I’ve yet to demo the ERP solution (don’t want to name it here for obvious reasons). It would want to be pretty good to beat Power BI plus scale is a big selling point to Management