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Best way to share my Reports

Hi everyone,

Over the last few weeks, with the help of the training contents here, I have managed to create some really useful reports which I am now ready to share with my colleagues. However, I am not sure what is the best way in terms of acquiring the relevant licences for the users. I am a bit confused as to whether I should buy all of them the premium licence or if there is any cheaper way of distributing my reports.

The reports I have will be having Row Level Security built in and so far, when I tried to share it with one colleague, he was asked to get a premium licence.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

There are many different solutions here. You could get Pro Licenses for all of your users, or the cheapest route( but less secure), would be to publish to web and then share with your end users.


Thank you. I would most likely not opt for sharing on the site but wondered if there are anything less than pro which will allow users to access reports on the online service.


It all depends on your requirement. I think if you have a premium license, and your users are not power Users then there is a free license available with Premium. But if the user is a power User then you need pro license.

check the below link for clarity.


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