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Bar Chart with Logo

I would like to use a bar chart similar to the one below with the logo on the left and maybe the option to give the bar a certain color.

I only found a solution using a table but I did not reallly like that to be honest.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:
This forum is really great!

Hi @Reporting ,

Look into charticulator


@Reporting ,

EDNA No PBIX Uploaded Motto GIF

Please post a sample file. This might be able to be accomplished in Charticulator.


@Melissa ,

Looks like we are on the same page with this one! I was thinking of the sample example from the website.


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@Reporting ,

Please check out the following thread:

The poster was trying to accomplish something very similar with country flags rather than corporate logos:

The thread suggests a number of clever, creative solutions. See if any of those work for you, and let us know. Thanks!

  • Brian

P.S. I also echo @Melissa 's and @JarrettM 's suggestion to check out Charticulator. They just type faster than I do… :laughing:


Thank you. I found that as well but did not really know how to build it to be honest.

I think data is not really relevant, it is rather the concept.

Thanks you very much.
I will try those and share the results if I am happy :slight_smile:

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