Bar chart with changes between absolute number and %ages


I created a bar graph that is linked to a slicer for various KPI’s, that works well. The only issue I have is the data labels (i.e. when I select a slicer that is a %age, the data label shows as “0”, when I need it to show as a %age.

I have tried formatting these to %ages both in the slicer calc and the initial calc, with no success.

Any idea how I can fix this?

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Hello @Stuart,

Thank You for posting the query onto the forum.

Few days back one of our members also had the posted same type of query onto the forum.

Unfortunately, as of now there’s no solution in Power BI to switch your axis or chart labels in “0.00” format and the “0.00%” format at the same time. And this is because when we apply “0.00%” format it converts the numbers into a text.

I’m also providing a link of a query which was posted and the solution I’d provided to our member.

Hoping you find this useful. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @Harsh. Is there maybe a way to “overlay” the 2 graphs on top of each other (so have 1 graph with absolute numbers and another one for the %ages)?

Hello @Stuart,

Surely, you can use the bookmark technique to overlay your graphs.

But the only thing should be your % numbers should be in normal % figures and not the converted ones using the FORMAT() DAX option otherwise the effect will still remain the same.

I’m also providing few of the links of the videos about how you can use bookmarks to overlay one visual over another. And there are other ample of videos available on YouTube you can just check them out.

Hoping you find this useful and helps you in your analysis.

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Hello @Stuart,
You can use the functionality of Bookmarks to achieve this.

Like you can create two buttons and in the action section of its formatting to use the created bookmarks and show one chart with one bookmark.
So, the button in which a user will choose that particular chart will be shown and the other one will be hidden. It is very to create and switch between different charts using this capability.

I am sharing a link on the bookmarks for more details on the same.


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Thanks @Harsh.

I have created 2 bookmarks, but when I try hide certain graphs/slicers, it get applied to both bookmarks. I have tried updating after each selection, with no success.

How can I fix this?

Hello @Stuart,

Please un-check the “Data” selection.

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as you create more book marks, you’ll probably need a variety of settings, here is one good explanation I have found of the option settings and what they each do:

In short though, Data is going to preserve slicer and filter selections.
Display will preserve spotlighting and whether or not visuals are visible or not
Page will take the user to the specified page that is visible at the time of the bookmark

It’s a lot of trial and error to get the specific effects that you want. For example, I have never had a reason to not check Page. But, you might want to uncheck Data if you want to spotlight and hide certain visuals but want the user’s slicer and filter selections to be preserved when you do so.

Found in this question on the community forum:

Also be aware of adding visuals to the page after you build a bookmark - those are not included in the visual settings you created with the bookmark, so you may have to update the bookmark after adding something.