Balance Sheet Reporting & Waterfall charts

Hi All

My query follows on from the Financial Reporting in Power BI showcased by Sam.

I recently created:

  • a Matrix visual for the Balance sheet template report using the TREATAS function. The numbers in the Matrix visual is correct and the balance sheet is accurate

  • A series of measures for all the subcategories identified in the balance sheet template.

I have now created 2 waterfall charts for both the Total Liabilities and Total Assets analysis

Unfortunately the numbers in the waterfall charts for both liabilities and assets does not agree to my Matrix.

See attached the pbix file . Please advice

Many thanks

BalanceSheet-analytics.pbix (103.5 KB)

Hi @atin,

You’ve got no context coming from the Balance Sheet Template table
So change the Category field in the Waterfall chart to Balance Sheet[Balance Sheet Category]

I hope this is helpful.

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Hi Melissa - this works :slight_smile:
Many thanks for your assistance