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Badges and certificates in the new portal

My badges and certificates haven’t come through to the new portal. Is there a way I can add them in again?

mine haven’t come over either yet

Hi @The_Bishop and @Keith, if your certificates do not appear yet on On-Demand, you can check them here:

You just need to input your account email then all your completed course certificates will show up.


HI @EnterpriseDNA,

Is there a plan to have the certificates from the old platform to appear on the new platform?

I’ve complete three courses on the new platform and the certificates/badges appear on the new platform.
Maybe a link should go on the new platform if we have to go and view the old certificates.


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@Keith, you can view your certificates form the old platform here:

In the new platform, after you completed a course and you are in the Certificate and Badge section,

click Your Certificate at the top of the screen:

You will then see your certificate and badge

You have to click VALIDATE to download your certificate.