Average Daily Price in a Month for a Specific Product

I am looking for the DAX measure that will calculate the following:

Average of the daily prices of a specific product within a specific month, whereby:
(a) the month is the month the sale was made, e.g. transaction date is 12/23/2019, hence the month is 122019
(b) and then apply a percentage to the answer in (a)


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In general, you will get the best response and most specific solutions if you provide your PBIX file along with your question. In this case, I just used a simple sample dataset, linked to the Extended Date Table. I then created a what-if parameter for your percentage applied, and then wrote the following two measures:

Average Daily Price per Month = 

    AVERAGE( Sales[Unit Price] ),
        Dates[Month & Year]

Avg w %  Applied = 
[Average Daily Price per Month] * 
DIVIDE( 'Percentage Applied'[Percentage Applied Value],  100 )

Here’s what it looks like all put together:

I hope this is helpful. Full solution file attached below.

  • Brian

eDNA forum - Average Daily Price Solution.pbix (371.6 KB)

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