Automate Report Creation

We have created a 10 page Client Report that is specific to each client. The client name is used as a Filter to populate the Report with that Client’s unique data. Each Client report must be Exported to PDF and then sent to the Client. There are currently 50 clients so we must Export these 50 reports individually which is tedious and time consuming task. Is there a way to automate this process? With VBA and Excel this was easy, but how can we do this in Power Bi?


You should look into Power BI paginated reports. I think this would be the best tool for what you are looking to achieve you would have to rebuild the report.


Thank you for your reply and suggestion. We were looking for a solution using Power BI Pro. Any thoughts or ideas? There are third parties that offer solutions…wonder ow they do it?

Most of the solutions will involve the use of an automation tool, which would require investment as there are not many free ones for enterprise solution.

Worth looking at UI path, power automate/flow.

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