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Automate printing reports


I needed some suggestion on batch printing. I have a report that filters for multiple companies with a slicer. However, whenever someone wants to print them out, they have to manually click on an option in the slicer and print out one at a time only. I was wondering if there is a way I could automate this process? I have been looking into options but have not found anything like that so far.

Any ideas, helps or even links would be very much appreciated.

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Hi @supergallagher25,

Sounds like you are looking for Power BI Report Builder
Which is an application to built paginated reports, here’s a link to the documentation. Note that this requires premium if you want that to be scheduled in the Service.

I hope this is helpful


As @Melissa helpfully pointed out, Power BI Report Builder is the way to go. We use it for a Customer Report where it emails individual customers their stock levels daily and everything is pixel perfect.

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Thank you for the responses. We do have premium and have a few paginated reports already. I guess I was wondering that if the report shows monthly performances of different branches based on parameter selection and the CEO wants them all printed out for him (individual branch performance copies), would there be a way we could automate the parameter to filter for each branch and provide a copy or would it need to be done manually?

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Yes … my past experience with SSRS is that for sure it can be done … I know Report Builder is a wrapper around SSRS functionality, so it should be possible (I don’t have access to Premium, so just a guess).

Hi @supergallagher25

If I’m following correctly, say you have Branch A, Branch B & Branch C etc etc.

You set up a parameter for Branch, you’d then set up your report with Branch A selected in the Service and then you’d create a subscription that would use the parameters you have in place. You’d then repeat the process for Branch B & Branch C.

Once you’ve set these up, in terms of how often, say 1st of the month etc, they will run automatically.

Hope this helps.


Have the parameters set on your page/report in the service


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I apologize for the late response, this helped a lot. Thank you

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Glad to hear this thread helped.