Attrition - why do we use Min?


Hi Sam
Just wondering I was looking at the video on Customer Attrition.
Was just using this same concept on Products. (New products within a certain timeframe)

Just curious to understand why am i not using Max.
I have tried using Max to see for myself and I know it is wrong, just wanted some advice on the Min and why not max?

So the filter context logic is saying in my mind…
Dates[dates] < Max (31/01/2015) - [Days Back]
Dates[dates] < Max (28/02/2015) - [Days Back]
Dates[dates] < Max (30/03/2015) - [Days Back]


Do you have any videos or advice on setting up and showing Monte Carlo Analysis/Simuation?
Do you know if this can be done within Power BI?


The reason is because in any month, you want to use the very first day in that month.

The MIN gets you that.

If you used MAX, your context would include the current month which is not what you want.

You want to compare the current months product sales to prior months. The logic within CALCULATETABLE gets you that.