Association Rules and Market Basket Analysis Analysis


Hi Sam,
I believe Association Rules are one of the hot topics that should be covered, I can say that still, we have shortages in power bi references, The available resources are not covered enough as a successful solution for this important topic. Most of the available resources for Power Bi not calculating the Association Rules parameters (Support, confidence and Lift) with accurate and clear steps.


Can you expand on what you mean here. I’m not really sure what you mean by ‘associated rules’.

Maybe add some links.


Sure: - association-rules/


This is all very interesting stuff that I would like to get into more.

It is a deep topic that will take time to test and understand how to implement well in Power BI.

I have no timeline on this at all, with other priorities around content for sometime into the future.

All I will say is a like the concept and have it noted down as something to dig into more at some point in the future.


Thanks for your care